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Plantweb™ Health Advisor: Blowers
Health Advisor Blowers
Plantweb Health Advisor is a preconfigured application that continuously analyzes both process and asset health data to provide an overall asset health rating (0-100%).
Reports blower Health Indication for bearing and gear wear, operating near known resonance, louver mechanical defect and plugged suction filter.
Plantweb™ Health Advisor: Blowers


System Compatibility
Plantweb Health Advisor applications run on OSIsoft PI platform


  • Spot imminent failure and take preventive action
  • Combine equipment and process data to gain online insight into the health of essential assets
  • Be alerted to pump degradation that could lead to potential safety or environmental hazards
  • Reduce unscheduled shutdowns and slowdowns due to equipment failure
  • Use wireless to lower costs of on-line monitoring
  • Use wireless to lower costs of on-line monitoring