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AMS EZ 1000 Eddy Current Measurement Chain

With Emerson´s AMS EZ 1000 eddy current sensor and converter you always have the part you need when you need it.

With one converter that is compatible with a range of sensors and cables, you’ll be able to mix-and-match your spares to your application while reducing your converter inventory. And with an easy-to-use procedure for field calibrations, you’ll be back to work sooner. The AMS EZ 1000 makes changing out sensors following a shutdown or replacing sensors during turnarounds/maintenance quick and painless.

Making Eddy Current Measurement Easy

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AMS EZ 1000 Eddy Current Measurement Chain


Converter Specification
Variable based on sensors used, target material. See spec sheet for details.
Sensors Linear Measurement Gap
5mm sensor – 1mm/40mils; 8mm sensor – 2mm/80mils
Initial Air Gap
5mm sensor – 0.25mm/10mils; 8mm sensor – 0.5mm/20mils
Deviation from best fit straight line (DSL)
± 0.025 mm (± 1 mil) @ temperature range 0 to 45°C (+32 to +113°F)
Minimum Target Size
2 mm (80 mils)
Minimum Shaft Diameter
5mm Sensor: 20 mm (0.98”); 8mm Sensor: 25 mm (0.79”)
Target Material (Ferromagnetic Steel)
42CrMo4 (AISI/SAE 4140); P235S; C35 (AISI/SAE 1035); 34CrMo4 (AISI/SAE 4337, 4340); 26NiCrMoV14; ST 37, S235JR; X35CrMo17; Other (On Request)


  • Includes a complete measurement chain – sensor, cable and converter – that can also be purchased as individual components for rightsized inventory

  • Complies with API 670 requirements for eddy current measurements

  • Field calibration saves time when replacing parts

  • Compatible with 3rd party sensors for maximum flexibility and reduced inventory

  • Accurate, reliable measurements from oil-proof sensors

  • Three year warranty