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AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor

Wireless Vibration Monitoring, Reinvented

The AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor extends vibration monitoring to a wide range of new applications. Advanced electronics deliver robust data parameters with a high level of accuracy. Unlike simplistic vibration devices, the AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor delivers not just velocity and acceleration, but provides high resolution waveforms, spectra, and frequency bands.

Overall vibration, PeakVue, measurements, and temperature readings can be easily integrated into any control system or plant historian. Subject matter experts can access rich diagnostic data directly from AMS Device Manager and AMS Machine Works for troubleshooting, while all relevant stakeholders can stay informed via asset performance and health alerts broadcast through the PlantWeb Optics platform.

Innovation in Wireless Vibration

Innovation in Wireless Vibration
Triaxial Sensors Deliver A Complete Picture

Triaxial Sensors Deliver A Complete Picture

Our wireless vibration monitor features triaxial sensors that simultaneously capture data in three dimensions to generate a complete picture of the machine condition without having to relocate the sensor.
Small Footprint, Big Benefit

Small Footprint, Big Benefit

This is the wireless device you’ve been waiting for. Now you can extend your reliability program to an unprecedented number of plant assets – including those in hazardous or hard to reach areas. The small size and easy installation make it ideal for deployment across your plant, or entire enterprise.

Ideal for deployment across your plant or enterprise, the AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor offers:
  • Automated machine monitoring with a lower total cost of ownership
  • Simple installation in about 5 minutes
  • Fleet management tools for fast configuration in the shop or in the field
  • Prescriptive analytics using patented PeakVue Plus to accelerate your diagnosis
  • Reduced time in the field - more time to recommend maintenance actions
  • Rapid ROI with lower installed cost and fast access to actionable information
  • Long 3-5 year life with an off-the-shelf battery collecting up to 4 waveforms per day
  • Battery replacement in the field – even in hazardous areas
  • Access asset health information on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere
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The AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor is an integral part of the Experitec portfolio of machinery monitoring technology. Make it an integral part of your digital transformation journey today.

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