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Refinery Depends on Experitec <br>To Replace Critical Valves For Its Cooling Tower

Refinery Depends on Experitec
To Replace Critical Valves For Its Cooling Tower

“I’ve never missed a startup in my life, so don’t let this be the first one.” Those were the words of the maintenance manager at our customer’s site during this particular hundred-year ice storm. Due to the weather, two large critical valves on their water system cracked and were unusable. We received the call on a Monday and the maintenance team needed this for its startup on Friday.
Our account manager took on the responsibility to get this resolved and worked with our sales engineering team to devise a solution. We had to replace two Keystone™ Resilient Seated Butterfly valves that were not in stock at our St. Louis warehouse. So, we coordinated with two other Emerson Impact Partners to get them to us via a dedicated courier. Once at our warehouse, our technicians assembled and automated them, tested everything, and then couriered the drop-in replacement assembly to the customer’s refinery—along with one of our sales engineers to ensure that everything was to their satisfaction.

This customer now counts on Experitec for all of its valves, parts, and related services, just as its customers count on its refinery to provide energy solutions safely and reliably.

The Emerson Network Has Tangible Benefits:
As part of the network of Emerson Impact Partners, Experitec has access to over $50M of inventory and parts, so even if we don’t have something at one of our warehouses or repair facilities, we can likely get it from one of our sister companies.

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