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Packaging Manufacturer Relies on Experitec<br>For Knowledge and Quick Response

Packaging Manufacturer Relies on Experitec
For Knowledge and Quick Response

This customer called our account manager in the middle of the night because a turbine control valve on one of their paper machines failed. When one of these machines is down, the lost revenue is significant—about $25,000 per hour! Because of the criticality of this valve, the customer normally keeps a few spares in play; two of those spares were currently in our shop for repairs. While we could speed up the process, it would not be an immediate solution. Furthermore, according to our inventory records, there was a 3rd spare somewhere at their facility, but the person who managed that was on vacation.

We immediately took ownership of the entire emergency situation. Since this customer had been with us for decades, we had a record of all their valves and quickly learned that this 3rd ‘missing’ valve was found in one of their offsite storage facilities; however, it had never been recorded at the customer’s site. The valve was then installed, and the machine was up and running within hours.

Our customer could not have been more pleased. In addition, we repaired one of their two spares (that were at our warehouse) by mid-week, placed it on our own truck, and brought it, along with a technician, to the customer's site to ensure that everything was correct. While we were there, we picked up the failed one that needed to be repaired and took it back to our facility, so it could be made ready for the next emergency.

A Spare Pool Program Has Real Value
We frequently recommend a Spare Pool Program whereby we create a ‘virtual warehouse’ to store all our customer’s spares for critical valves, as well as parts that are used frequently or for multiple valves. As part of this program, we test the valves, get certification for that day, and transport it to our customer’s facility on one of our trucks or via courier.

The Experitec Difference

Allow Experitec to become your trusted resource for all valve repairs. We're here to respond to your needs in an emergency, or as part of a more comprehensive reliability program.
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