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Avoid EPA Waste Emissions Charges

March 14, 2024
The EPA can now impose fees on petroleum and natural gas facilities that generate greater than 25,000 metric tons per year of total CO2 equivalent GHGs

Waste Emissions Charges

Continuing to use Fisher™ and other manufacturers' legacy pneumatic devices powered by methane could result in hefty fees. For onshore and offshore petroleum and natural gas production, storage, processing, and pipeline transmission, the EPA will administer Waste Emissions Charges of  $900 in 2024, $1200 in 2025, and $1500 in 2026 and thereafter for every metric ton of methane over the respective process’s emission threshold.

Mitigate Plant Methane Emissions With Our Solutions

With available zero emissions solutions and emissions monitoring technologies from Emerson and Experitec, you can eliminate legacy pneumatic device emissions and prevent super emitter events. Let us help you identify and manage your facility’s emissions. Check out our solutions.
Our Zero Emissions Technologies Include:

Our Zero Emissions Technologies Include:

  • Fisher 1098-EGR Pressure Reducing Regulator
  • Fisher LS200 Series Regulators
  • Fisher EZR Series Pressure Reducing Regulators
  • Shafer Emissions Controlled Actuation Technology (ECAT)
  • Fisher easy-Drive™ 200L Electric Actuator
  • Smart Bettis™ and EIM™ Electric Actuators
  • Fisher 2100E Electric Liquid Level Switch
  • Fisher L2e Electric Level Controller
We also offer a variety of emissions monitoring technologies to help you on your journey to net zero.

Learn How The New EPA Rule Affects You