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World-Class Distillery Embraces Diagnostics

November 7, 2023
Diagnostics Prove the Value

Diagnostics Prove the Value

This customer was initially skeptical about the value of diagnostics, so we started with a small trial— using our FlowScanner™ and ValveLink™ technologies to identify red/yellow/green issues. Immediately, we were able to demonstrate how to extend the life of those valves and save significant maintenance dollars. 

The turning point was when we told our customer which valves DID NOT need to be repaired—they could let them go until the next outage. As a result, Experitec became more integrated in the outage process as a trusted partner. Diagnostics were clearly the game changer.

We expanded our diagnostics program and were also able to identify those valves or actuators which could be repaired at our facility. As an aside, we documented this customer’s valve history over time—and today, use that document as a cornerstone of our pre-outage meetings. The customer also uses it to build their budgets and make more informed repair decisions. 

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