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When Lost Revenue is $25K Per Hour, Emergency Response Matters

May 10, 2023
A Spare Pool Program Has Real Value

A Spare Pool Program Has Real Value

This customer called our Emergency Response team because a turbine control valve on one of their paper machines failed. The lost revenue was significant—about $25,000 per hour! While the customer normally keeps a few spares in play; two were in our shop for repairs and the 3rd one was missing offsite at their storage facility. Once we located it, the valve was installed, and the machine was up and running within hours.

Since this customer had been with us for decades, we had a record of all of their valves.
We frequently recommend a Spare Pool Program whereby we create a ‘virtual warehouse’ to store all our customer’s spares for critical valves. As part of this program, we test the valves, get certification for that day, and transport it to our customer’s facility on one of our trucks or via courier.

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