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Valve Services

Keep Valve Repair off Your Turnaround/Outage Radar

March 29, 2023
Execution Certainty

Execution Certainty

We understand that your availability to schedule adequate time into planning for an outage is at a premium. The value of our outage management team is their proficiency in orchestrating your entire outage event—scope, resources, parts, replacement valves, diagnostics analytics, prioritization by criticality, and all of the coordination. In short, exceptional planning, trusted resources, and flawless execution are what you value, and what we pride ourselves on delivering.

Over 100 Facilities

Customers rely on Experitec’s Solutions Development Team of outage management experts to create the scope, coordinate quotes, organize an execution team, and oversee the entire process during and post-outage.


Outage Services

Outage Services

  • Outage planning support
  • Scope optimization
  • Logistics & execution support
  • Schedule & cost management
  • Improvement recommendations
  • Supervision & quality control
  • OEM-certified repair capabilities
  • Onsite, mobile trailer, or warehouse repairs
  • Post-outage repairs, valve conditioning, & inventory management
For the best outcomes, we ask that you engage our Account and Solutions Development Teams, early and often. Our goal is to understand and address what keeps you up at night and how we can help you mitigate that risk.

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