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Reduce your carbon footprint with our highly energy efficient and reliable HVAC solutions.

Reduce your carbon footprint with our highly energy efficient and reliable HVAC solutions.

At Control Associates we understand the urgent need for large commercial building owners to achieve better energy efficiency and demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship by complying with new, tighter carbon emissions regulations like New York City Local Law 97. We help you address these new challenges with proven HVAC solutions that reduce your energy usage and carbon footprint while improving reliability and safety.

Our team of HVAC experts help you address a broad range of critical steam, hot water and chilled water system applications.

We have the technical know how and product portfolio to engineer, specify, supply and service industrial quality Emerson control systems, instrumentation, valves and online asset reliability solutions that deliver safe, reliable and efficient energy-saving performance.

Control Associates also offers a broad range of engineered packaged heat transfer systems complete with Emerson digital controls, instrumentation and valves designed to offer sustained reliability and performance across a wide range of applications and operating conditions.

In 1998 Control Associates engineered and supplied our first digital steam pressure-reducing valve (PRV) station for North Shore University Hospital. Since then we have supplied and commissioned hundreds of new and retrofit digital steam PRV stations. Our innovative solution integrates Emerson’s digital Remote Operations Controller and panel mounted touchscreen operator interface with industrial quality smart Fisher™ steam control valves, Emerson isolation valves and Rosemount™ pressure transmitters to deliver a highly efficient, reliable and safe steam pressure control system.

Control Associates is your local factory authorized representative for leading manufacturers of HVAC equipment such as Emerson, Crane Pumps & Systems, Watson McDaniel, and The John Wood Company. Through the years, we have earned a reputation as a trusted technical adviser and provider of high-quality digital controls, valves, actuators, instrumentation, regulators, pumps, and steam specialties to the building trade throughout the tri-state metropolitan New York, New Jersey and Connecticut region.

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