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Daniel Straightening Vanes
Daniel™ Straightening Vanes minimize the adverse effects of flow disturbances by generating a consistent flow profile.
Installed upstream of a Daniel Orifice Fitting or Daniel Ultrasonic Flow Meter, these devices smooth out and straighten the fluid flow to reduce measurement uncertainty by minimizing the effects of swirl, turbulence and other costly flow disturbances caused by insufficient straight pipe and/or valves. The straightening vanes also allow for shorter upstream pipe lengths and can significantly reduce space requirements, installation costs and startup time.
Daniel Straightening Vanes


Line Sizes
1.5-in to 16-in (DN75 to DN400)
Fluid Type
Natural gas, methane, air, light hydrocarbons, crude oil, water
Line and flanged
Pipe Schedule
40 or 80
In accordance with AGA 3/API 14.3, ASME and other organizations
Process Wetted Material
Carbon steel and stainless steel (consult factory for additional options)
Set Screw Options
NACE (meets NACE MR0175) and AASG (recommended for sour gas service)


  • The Daniel Straightening Vanes is now discontinued
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