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Experitec, Inc., An Emerson Impact Partner Honored With A Global Gallup Great Workplace Award

April 10, 2019

St. Louis, MO – Experitec, Inc. is proud to announce that we have been named a 2019 Gallup Great Workplace Award winner. The list recognizes 40 workplaces around the globe whose focus on employee engagement has directly contributed to positive business outcomes. Experitec received an exclusive invitation from Gallup to apply for the award based on our most recent engagement survey results. To be eligible for the award, companies needed to meet the following criteria:

  • Total of at least 50 respondents (On average, Experitec has approximately 180 employees submit their responses to the Q12 every six months)
  • A response rate of 80% or higher (Experitec averages a 98% participation rate)
  • 60% of eligible business units within the organization must attain a Grand Mean of 4.20+ (74% of Experitec’s departments score higher than 4.20)
  • Ability to link engagement with business outcomes (Experitec had significant data supporting the correlation of engagement and business outcomes)

In addition to meeting the minimum criteria, Experitec submitted an application that consisted of answering questions provided by Gallup around four main areas: (1) Strategy & Leadership Philosophy, (2) Accountability & Performance, (3) Communication & Knowledge Management, (4) Development & Ongoing Learning.[1] Experitec believes our success in achieving this award is due to: (1) a strong people oriented organizational culture which is actively supported and promoted by our Leadership (2) Experitec’s use of the Gallup Q12 in making decisions about the business and leveraging engagement as a metric; (3) fully integrating engagement into Experitec’s overall talent management strategy; and (4) putting an emphasis on high personal accountability for engagement and performance by employees, managers, and leaders.

Experitec’s Corporate Vision is to be recognized by our partners (Customers, Employees, and Principals) as Experitec No-Equal. Our Leadership Team is highly committed to our vision of Experitec No-Equal which includes a focus on the customer, a high performing organization, and highly engaged and accountable employees. Experitec believes we are perfectly aligned for the results we achieve as an organization and our culture is the day-to-day behaviors that create our results. Leadership strongly believes a focus on the healthy side of the business (minimal politics/confusion, high morale, productivity, low turnover) is at least as important if not even more important than a focus on the smart side of the business (strategy, sales, finance, technology). Additionally, Experitec is a sales and services organization, therefore, our people are our greatest and only true asset which means we must improve the performance of our people in order to improve the performance of the business overall. As part of our initiative to drive employee performance and business results, Experitec institutionalized its performance management system, Agile Performance Management (APM), and adopted Gallup’s Q12 as the corporate health metric to identify the areas which require focus both at the organizational and team level to ensure high performance and business results. The Leadership Team reviews engagement scores every six months to make decisions about the business and where we need to focus to stay a healthy company. Focusing on the employee experience that is leading to the results of the survey has proven to be a powerful tool in helping the Leadership Team better understand what areas of the business may need their attention. The engagement metric is then used during the business planning process to select the right outcomes and goals each year for our Leaders, Managers, and teams. Experitec’s Leadership identifies talented individuals to promote a culture of engagement in order to drive our business outcomes.

Experitec has fully integrated engagement into our overall Talent Management Strategy by establishing the Gallup Q12 as a core element. Experitec’s overall talent management strategy is to maintain a best in class business strategy driven by a talent management system that aligns talent identification, integration, performance and development with Experitec’s vision, mission, core values and goals. Experitec’s strategy is to hire great employees and managers, who do Agile Performance Management using the four keys to unlocking engagement and business results (Expectations, Feedback/Motivation, Development, and Accountability), which is measured by using the Gallup Q12 engagement questions to create measurable business results. If Experitec is dissatisfied with business results, we look at the elements of this strategy to determine what needs to be addressed to improve our results.

Experitec strives to create an organizational culture which emphasizes the need for each employee, manager, and leader to demonstrate high personal accountability for engagement and performance. Experitec believes engagement without personal accountability creates a culture of entitlement where employees feel their needs should be met by Managers or the Company in order for them to provide their “gift” of work. Alternatively, Experitec trains all employees on personal accountability, how it links to all of the Q12, and how engagement with personal accountability creates a culture of empowerment where all employees are empowered to step up and impact their own engagement, that of their team, or even the entire organization. Experitec believes if each employee takes personal accountability for engagement and performance, we will ultimately see the highest levels of engagement, performance, and ultimately successful business results.

Experitec realizes Managers have the greatest ability to influence employee engagement and performance, therefore, Experitec emphasizes Manager responsibility for the Q12 questions and sets expectations with Managers that they are responsible for their scores, as well as, the overall employee experience. The employee experience is what impacts engagement, which impacts performance, and ultimately achieves positive business outcomes. Through engagement training, sharing of best practices, and recognition for high levels of engagement, Managers truly understand and see the more engaged their team is, the healthier their team performs, and the better their business results will be. Additionally, the Leadership of Experitec strives to ensure accountability for engagement by creating awareness and understanding of engagement through APM and engagement conversations, leadership conversations with managers, company-wide awareness of results, and company-wide engagement sessions. Employees and Managers “do APM” by utilizing a conversation-based approach to performance management with multiple different No-Equal APM Conversations. Experitec embeds engagement into each of these APM conversations by linking them to the Q12 and the 4 Keys of APM. Leadership openly provides the results of each engagement survey to the organization, identifies actions or areas of focus, and holds office engagement sessions to discuss and get feedback on the employee experience behind the results with employees directly.

Through all of these efforts, Experitec has successfully demonstrated its ability to link engagement to positive business outcomes. Experitec’s increases in engagement have directly linked to increases in sales, profitability, and productivity – both in teams and the organization overall, and a decrease in total company turnover. Experitec is truly honored Gallup has recognized Experitec and all of our Experitec No-Equal employees with the Global 2019 Gallup Great Workplace Award which truly shows we are No Equal. We are excited for the future with such high performing, engaged, talented, and committed employee owners.

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[1] Strategy & Leadership Philosophy (1)  Describe how engagement drives your business outcomes and objectives. (2) How does your organization link engagement to your overall human capital strategy? (3)  How does your organization identify individual contributors with the talent to lead highly engaged, high-performing teams? (4) What role do your leaders play in creating an environment that engaged employees and creates a culture of engagement? Accountability & Performance (5) How does your organization help managers link engagement to the business outcomes of their team? Please provide examples of how managers are held accountable for engagement and performance. (6) Please describe how best-practice managers and/or their team are recognized for maintaining certain engagement levels. What actions are taken if managers fail to maintain specific engagement levels? (7) Managers are responsible for their team’s engagement, but individual contributors should share some ownership as well. How are individual contributors in your organization expected or encouraged to participate in driving engagement efforts? (8) What values and rituals within your company create and reinforce your organization’s culture? Please provide specific examples. Communication & Knowledge Management (9) How does your organization create a culture of engagement in which managers are made aware of how they can use the Q12 engagement items to manage and interact with their teams? Describe how your organization helps managers embed engagement into their day-to-day experiences. Please provide both formal and informal examples. (10) How does your organization identify best practices that engage employees among workgroups, managers and leaders? Please provide specific examples of how your organization disseminates best practices to other workgroups, managers and leaders. Development & Ongoing Learning (11) What are your current learning and development initiatives? How do you integrate engagement concepts into these initiatives? Please provide specific examples of your most successful learning and development initiatives.  (12) How does your organization assess the return on investment for learning and development programs to ensure that time and money are invested wisely, the programs change participant behavior, and they are linked to improved business outcomes? Describe how your organization gathers feedback from attendees to gauge program effectiveness and inform enhancements to the program.