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Oratium Workshop Hosted By Experitec

March 9, 2018

Experitec invited internal employees and several employees from the LBP (Local Business Partner) community to participate in the Oratium Experiential Learning workshop. This communication method has become a key tool at Experitec and is implemented in a variety of trainings, meetings, and projects. Oratium has worked with a multitude of organizations and presenters that all find value in creating impactful communicators. Oratium’s new book, The Compelling Communicator, walks through the proven process for designing compelling presentations and is essential to learning their approach.


Oratium’s approach focuses on advanced message design and delivery. It encompasses the way the human mind processes information and how that can be used to create an engaging presentation to communicate effectively. Oratium debunks traditional communication tactics and delivers logical concepts and processes that work.

The Experiential Learning workshop’s goal is to teach participants how to design and deliver a compelling presentation and challenge them to work with a team to put together a presentation from a given case study. This hands-on experience at the end of the workshop allows each participant to understand how the concepts and tools they learned can be applied to create an engaging presentation that won’t be forgotten.

Experitec believes that investing in our employees is critical to our success. Providing regular learning opportunities helps employees develop skills and improve their capabilities to support their growth and reach the peak of their performance. Developing our employees supports our Vision to be viewed by our partners (Customers, Employees, and Principals) as No-Equal.