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A Day In The Life

November 14, 2017

At Experitec, we strive to provide employees with challenging work, opportunities to gain experience, a friendly family-oriented environment, and career opportunities for development.

We think our organization is one of the best environments to gain real-world experience in an internship or co-op setting. We’ve asked some of our recent employees for feedback on their experience so you can see just what to expect when you come to work with us!

Sylvia – Accounting Intern

Sylvia completed her Bachelor’s in Business Finance and Economics and her MBA with an emphasis in Human Resources, both from Murray State University. Sylvia first interned with Experitec during the Summer of 2016 as a Finance Intern and is back again this year taking full responsibility for our Accounts Payable Associate who is out on maternity leave.

Outside of the office, how do you spend your free time? “If I’m not in the office, there’s a 99% chance I’m outside. I love to hike, run, patio sit, float down the river, and just explore the outdoors. I’m also most likely with my dog. I try to stay active as much as I can in my free time! Traveling has always been a huge part of my life as well. No matter if it’s a different country, a different state, or simply a city just a couple hours away from home, I love to discover new places.”

What three words describe Experitec? Supportive, Involved, and Professional!”

What is a typical day as an Accounts Payable Associate at Experitec like? “I mainly work on paying invoices from suppliers, reimbursing employee’s expense sheets, working on commissions from Emerson, and paying the other various bills for Experitec.”

What is your favorite part about working at Experitec? “The people I work with and get to see every day is definitely a highlight. Everyone is so supportive and it’s clear they actually care about one another. Every day is a new challenge at Experitec. I never find myself bored or without something to do.”

How has Experitec helped you in your career development? “Experitec has helped me in my career development more than I can explain. My current role here is a lot bigger than I thought it would be and has gave me an incredible insight to how businesses work and how every department plays a role in everything we do. Being responsible for making sure everything gets paid is a huge responsibility and will help me with my future jobs in the long run.”

What advice do you have for prospective Experitec, Inc. candidates? “Ask a lot of questions! If you’re ever a bit confused or don’t understand the background of something you’re doing, don’t be afraid to ask your co-workers. They will never hesitate to sit down and explain tasks to the best of their ability. The better clarity you have about what you’re doing, the more efficient you will be in the future.”

Mathias – Engineering Co-Op

Mathias is currently studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Missouri – Science & Technology. Mathias first came to work for Experitec as an Engineering Co-Op in 2015 on our Plant Performance Services Team. With this experience, he became very familiar with DeltaV hardware and software, troubleshooting, and he designed and built DeltaV training carts. This past Summer, Mathias returned for his second Engineering Co-Op with Experitec and we were happy to have him back!

Outside of the office, how do you spend your free time? “I like to spend my free time doing outdoor things like camping, fishing, and hiking. I also love to read and play board games.”

What are 3 words to describe Experitec? “Supportive, Challenging, and Dynamic”

What is a typical day as an Engineering Intern at Experitec like? “In a typical day, I arrive at work and take a few minutes to greet a few people as I walk by their desk. Then I start the work that I have planned to accomplish that day. Usually at some point in the day someone will ask me for help with another project or I will ask someone for help with something I’m doing. When this happens, everyone is always willing to set aside what they are doing for a while to help solve your problem. Also, periodically throughout the day someone will come up to you and have a short non-work related conversation about something like how your weekend was, etc.”

What is your favorite part about working at Experitec? “My favorite part about working with Experitec is that I am always challenged to learn new things that help me grow as an individual and that everyone at Experitec is not only really helpful and kind, but also very knowledgeable.”

How has Experitec helped you in your career development? “Experitec has always made sure to give me jobs and projects that would help me grow and gain experience with new things.”

What advice do you have for prospective Experitec, Inc. candidates? Never say no to working on something that you have no previous experience with and never be afraid to ask questions.”

Our mission and purpose at Experitec is to be our customers’ No-Equal partner. We help them become more competitive by improving performance and reliability, creating safer places to work, and by helping them reach their environmental goals through the innovative use of technology and services. We believe this can be achieved by hiring and training the best people for our organization. Experitec employees are driven, positive and collaborative – our employees are No-Equal!