What We Do

We help our industrial customers become more competitive by improving performance and reliability, creating safer places to work, and helping them reach their environmental goals through the innovative use of technology and services.

Understanding our Customers

Experitec has been in partnership with customers for almost 100 years signifying our level of commitment to those relationships which drives our employees to understand our customers’ critical points of pain. Collectively, Experitec’s employees have over 1,800 years of experience in learning about our customers and their needs, developing industry-specific situational and application knowledge. We are willing to do whatever it takes to make our customer’s goals a reality.

Collaborating to Create Valuable Solutions

Through collaboration with our customers and principals we assist in making the industrial marketplace we serve more competitive by helping our customers reduce cost and increase throughput and quality in their operations. The more competitive our customers become, the more they can expand thus creating jobs and improving our communities. Our employees are located throughout our geography living locally in the same communities as our customers. This facilitates our employee’s ability to have an intimacy with our customers that helps them understand their needs and solve problems.

Experitec accomplishes this by fostering an environment where our employees provide innovative solutions by increasing their intimacy and knowledge of our customers’ operations as well as their knowledge of products and services we offer. We deliver more than just a product to solve our customers’ problems, we create a collaborative solution that is highly engineered to not only meet, but exceed their needs.

Establishing a Long Term Partnership

Over our many years in the business, we have been dedicated to ensure Experitec is an available and reliable partner to our customers at all times. To meet our customers’ needs we have localized warehouse facilities and service providers to quickly respond anytime, anywhere. We know our customers don’t stop working on nights, weekends or holidays, so we provide committed 24/7 coverage. As a partner, we understand the urgency and stakes associated when our customers are experiencing problems. Someone at Experitec is always there to provide assistance and help our customers solve the problem, quickly and efficiently. We have invested heavily in the development of our people to ensure we have the most advanced, sophisticated and educated resources to meet our customers’ requests.

Our Secret to Success

We simply hire the best and train them to be even better! Experitec employees are driven, positive and collaborative. Carefully selected, developed and trained to be the best technical experts available – our employees are No-Equal. Our mission and purpose is to be our customers’ no equal partner – Every employee embodies and exhibits this mentality.

The Core of No Equal

We are Driven. We look to exceed your expectations every time, learning and improving in our subsequent solutions. We are Positive. Regardless of the project, big or small we have the energy to find the right solution. We are Collaborative. We work with our Experitec team, Emerson and other technology leaders and our customers to deliver the best solution.