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Experitec Sales Convention 2019

sales conferenceExperitec held its 2019 Sales Conference November 5th & 6th in Saint Louis, Missouri. Over the two-day period, discussions and group activities were held to review our successful 2019 Fiscal Year and to prepare for our 2020 Fiscal Year. This year’s strategic direction is Win as One!

Zac Scott, Executive Vice President and General Manager, discussed market overview expectations as well as what conditions and business climates will look like for FY20, an overview regarding Emerson’s strategic direction, and finally how each member of the Sales Team is a leader for our employee-owned organization. Steve Burke gave a presentation regarding Emerson Automation Solutions Key Imperative Plan. Brad Fischer, Vice President of Sales, focused on a strategic plan on how to prepare for success in 2020 as well as co-presented with Brian Gardner, outside consultant, regarding CRM and Data Driven Sales. Mark Franklin, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, discussed Customer Service Levels, and how Experitec’s commitment to continuously improving quotation productivity, lends to superior service level standards of excellence. Jack Ahlers, Vice President of Services, along with Steve Martens, Senior Sales Director, emphasized the importance of safety and quality, and how Services can deliver excellence in Fiscal Year 20.

Business Units had the opportunity to collaborate during breakout sessions, all of which were well received. As anticipated, thoughts and ideas were shared across the board, and plans were implemented to develop strategies for improvement and growth for our internal and external customers.

Day 1 ended with the entire Experitec team visiting Westport Social for dinner and further discussion and collaboration. Fun was had by all!

Day 2 begun with Brad Fischer, Business Unit Leaders, and Area Sales Directors giving presentations regarding key areas of focus for FY20. Brad also discussed Emerson Master’s in Business Development, project certainty, operational certainty, and digital transformation. Jessica Tietjen, Vice President Talent Management and General Counsel, and Cara Wells, Talent Management Generalist, demonstrated the power of sales acceleration with a racing analogy beginning with a toy car race. Following this, Jessica and Cara discussed the important of getting clear on expectations individually and as a collective to ensure alignment and a reminder to always be focused on development that’s aligned with the business and bringing more value to customers. This will be accomplished through leveraging individual and team strengths. Last, but certainly not least, Larry Tietjen, President, ended the meeting with an overview of the last two days, and provided key takeaway items.

The meeting concluded with the following award and recognitions:

Overall Final Control Sales Growth – John Henn
Overall Systems and Solutions Sales Growth – Ted Wilder
Long Term Achievement – Ron Brown
Isolation Sales Growth – Craig Lopez
Team Selling Excellence: Kevin Ross, John Henn, Eric Gaudreau, Calvin Burnett, Tim Krampe
Lifecycle STO Services Sales Award – Sam Johnson
Automation Services – Bruce Wallace
Competitive Penetration Sales Award – Keith Sowalskie
Overall Measurement Sales Growth – Steve Wallhermfechtel

The 2019 Sales Conference was a great success, in large part due to the core values that our Leadership Team, Sales Team, and Support Staff represent: Their Driven abilities, their Positive outlook, and their Collaborative efforts. We are certain that our time investment, our communication both inside and outside of our organization, and the focus on each employee’s strengths, will continue to drive Experitec forward, and we will Win as One in Fiscal Year 2020.